Travels: Chapter 1 Nashville, TN

I celebrated my birthday¬†recently and I turned the dreaded 25 years old. Not that 25 is old, but it’s that age where you’re like, officially an adult. Or you’re supposed to be, I guess. You can no longer really use the excuse, “I’m young! I’m finding my way so excuse me for messing up.” No, you’re now 25 and should have at least a quarter of your shit together. You’re a quarter of a century, girl, start adulting in life.

I’m proud to say that I have a majority of my shit together and a lot of it happened way before I was 25. However, I’m resisting the transition into full on adult. *cue quarter life crisis* I’m joking.

However, to celebrate this birthday, my boyfriend (Thanks again!) booked us a trip to Nashville for a nice long weekend. I loved Nashville when I visited three years ago and have always wanted to go back. I was super excited and even made arrangements to meet up with country morning radio hosts, Big D and Bubba. Look them up, they’re amazingly entertaining.

Once we got there, we started to really think about what we wanted to do. I’m horrible with planning and hate making decisions, but I’m always down to do anything and try anything. Boyf, bless him, made a list of different types of restaurants and places that we should try to see. So we fit as much in as possible!


Bakersfield – upbeat, funky atmosphere, Mexican restaurant, lunch/dinner. Food was delicious!

Merchant’s – hipster-ish vibe, great for brunch/lunch, yummy apps that are perfect to share, interior was beautifully decorated

Puckett’s – BEST BBQ PLACE I’VE EVER BEEN TO, had¬†incredible live band there, highly recommend it.

Bar Sovereign – speakeasy vibe, low lighting, intimate atmosphere, fun homemade drinks

The Southern – amazing brunch, best fried chicken and waffles I’ve ever had, huge bar area, great atmosphere.

Jackalope – brewery/bar, good beer, several musicians performing live, had games like Jenga, Battleship, and Candyland to play while drinking.

Party Fowl – sports bar type of restaurant, had amazing wings, excellent beer selection

Kayne Prime – steakhouse, classy atmosphere, excellent food and wine, makes you feel pampered and fancy. Best spot for a birthday dinner.

Ambience at Kayne

The Patterson House – speak easy type of vibe, bar is behind a curtain and where they sit you is where you stay, you get the bartenders undivided attention and the drinks may take a few minutes to make, but they’re so good it’s worth the wait.

Biscuit Love – breakfast spot, fun diner feel, very fast service, food was to die for

Etch – classy restaurant/bar, good drinks, had excellent tempura mushrooms, good for drinks and appetizers


A guitar place that Boyf visited had loads of vintage and used guitars. That was cool to see all the different types of guitars and amps and bass’ especially for the musically challenged (me).

My first strip club visit was to one that would have been ranked low on the list. However, I was fascinated and so glad that I went because now I know two things. 1: there are better strip clubs out there and 2: I now know that if I practiced enough I could do things with my ass while in a full split that I didn’t know was possible.

The mall. Yes, I know that I can go shopping at home, but this Nordstrom was better than ours and I got a lot of cute clothes, okay?

Zanies. Steve Rannazzisi was performing and he was incredible! So funny that my cheeks started to hurt from laughing. The place is smallish, so the audience was close to the comedians which allowed for more audience interaction. It was amazing! 10/10!

BIG D AND BUBBA STUDIO. Oh my goodness gracious, this was one of the most exciting days of my life. If you don’t know who they are, then look them up. But just know that they’re a nationally syndicated country morning show and I’ve been a fan of theirs for years. We’ve communicated a bit via Twitter and when I tweeted at them shamelessly a few times to let them know I was going to be in Nashville, they said I should go visit. AND I FREAKING DID. I met up with them at their studio and it’s just amazing in there. Their studio is just so cool and chill and relaxed and has this friendly feeling to it. I sat and chatted with those two and Producer Patrick and we took a selfie (Thanks, Bubba!) to document this moment for all of time. I shall cherish it for life.

So, that’s basically a quick run down of my trip. I had an incredible time! It was the perfect balance of going out and seeing Nashville and trying new places and foods and drinks, but also getting to relax and sleep in and do a little bit of nothing. It was a good, long weekend with someone I love celebrating me, I mean, really, it doesn’t get much better than that!

EDIT: I finished this tonight because I was determined to post on February 29th because I won’t be able to do that again for four more years. Radical, dudes.


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