Books Chapter 1: Jodi Ellen Malpas

**Disclaimer: I apologize if this reads all over the place. I’ve watched way too much Gilmore Girls recently and seem to be channeling their way of talking.***

Yesssss! *rubs hands together gleefully* Books. My favorite topic since I was about 3 when I decided that I should read my books instead of having my parents read them to me. It was torture in school when they made you read out loud. All of the other kids read much slower and stumbled over simple words. I excelled at something for once! YAY!

I was reading Stephen King’s Carrie when all the other kids were reading Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys. Granted, I never picked up another Stephen King novel again. I think that 12 years old was a bit too young for that type of novel. *shrugs* Oh, well! It’s not my genre of choice anyway. I doubt you’d even have to guess it, but I shall pause for effect so that you might indulge me. *pauses* *looks around* *examines manicure* *notices manicure is shitty* *looks up* You good? Yeah, thought so. It’s romance. DUH.

I may not have gone through a “I want to be a princess” phase (although, if I did, I wanted to be Megara from Hercules. She was so sassy and strong, yet sensitive. Excellent combination in my opinion), but I love romance. I love the typical boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, event happens that almost separates boy/girl, find a solution and live happily ever after. I love the predictability of it! For me, it was a means of escaping the real world and diving into another that, no matter what happened in the middle, all worked out in the end. So, after so many years of bingeing on romance novels, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite authors/books/series with you. Because you care obviously.

Today’s guest: Jodi Ellen Malpas. I’ve finally figured out why I’m practically stalking her on FB and Twitter and hoarding her books as if they’ve been blessed by a high priest or some other awesome thing I can’t think of right now. SHE IS THE UK VERSION OF ME. Well, she’s what I hope I’d be like if I were British. Yes, I do wish I were British from time to time.

From my “stalking” (JK, Jodi), I’ve noticed several similarities between the two of us. *Sidenote: I realize these are generic and a stretch to connect us, much like a horoscope, but IDGAF. Let me live.* We both are brunette, we both enjoy wearing Converse, we both have a tattoo on our right foot (NO I AM NOT BEING CREEPY IT IS ON HER WEBSITE I SWEAR), we have two boys (okay, fine, mine are cats and hers are humans, but you still have to take care of them and love them), and wine is something we enjoy. I have no idea how old she is because she looks freakin’ good, man. She’s a hot momma. Also, we both enjoy the more “Alpha male” type of guy.

To be completely honest, her style of writing in first person is not a particular favorite of mine, but only because I like to know what everyone is thinking in books. However, the plus with first person is that it feels a little more realistic since you have no idea what everyone is thinking IRL. I stumbled on her first trilogy in 2014 and since I was horrible at adulting, I was half unemployed and living at home, so I stayed up until 3 in the morning reading her books from cover to cover.

Her first series, This Man, was something I seriously could not put down. I was back to my high school self of having a book everywhere, even places you shouldn’t want to read at. I believe I even debated bringing it into church with me, but thought that God might smite me for bringing “smut” into His casa. But I digress. What intrigued me the most with her characters was that the girl was sometimes frustrating and annoying and the guy was overbearing and controlling. I kept thinking that this does not happen in real life, duh, but at the same time, it totally does. A girl (Ava) does fall for a guy (Jesse) she shouldn’t and then has issues figuring out if he’s good for her or not. I had for these books what Ava had for Jesse – kind of a love/hate relationship. I was going crazy over the back and forth between the two and couldn’t imagine putting up with a guy that would dictate what I should wear, who I could speak to, how much I could drink, etc. Yet, I loved that he cared so deeply, even if he was a bit neurotic with his methods. Although, now that I’ve thought about it some more, if a guy has a good sense of style and can actually pick out a decent outfit, that part I would not mind on some days because that would mean I could sleep in an extra five minutes.

I’ve always been the romantic type. There are times when I want my life to play out like a book/movie and I admit to getting disappointed if it doesn’t. *curses and shakes fist to heavens* I get that kind of vibe when I read these books. Jesse is the god-like specimen that Ava knows is not good for her, but how do you stay away from someone who just wants to take care of you? What girl does not want the guy to pamper you and protect you and want you around? Granted, he takes it really effing far for me personally because I would need “me” time. But, he knew what he wanted and fought for it. Even if he was a bit crazy with his methods, he fought to keep Ava in his life. I don’t care who you are or what you do, but when a guy fights hard for you, it makes you feel good.

There’s just something about reading these types of things to me that is so enjoyable. I know that it rarely happens in real life, so it’s good to escape to a fictional one where the guy just goes all out for the lady love. The characters are just so intense in everything that it makes it so intriguing to find out how they’d handle each situation. Although, I hate that Ava continuously walks away or purposely does stuff to make Jesse lose his shit. But in her defense, he kind of deserved it at times. By the end, they managed to function together in a way that made them stronger and yet still be themselves. I find that endearing.

I think that Jodi managed to write two very intriguing series that took real life and how a girl might want her life to go and mesh it into gold. It’s got everything! It’s got highs and lows and drunk girl nights and social events and parental issues and childhood horrors and *breathes* overbearing but endearing guys and supportive best friends. Jodi is releasing a new book come September of this year and I am on edge already. Why, oh why, must she make us wait this long?!

If you ever do read her books, please let me know your thoughts. Even if you don’t read them, following her on Twitter and Facebook is so much fun. She’s so interactive with her fans and posts loads of photos and fun shit like that. *sigh* I’d kill to be able to hang out with her for a day. Jodi, what do you think? Care to hang out and drink wine? Also, what’s your view on the Oxford comma? I need to know!

UPDATE: Guys, I’m freakin’ out. I woke up to a response from Ms. Malpas herself! Seriously, it’s the coolest thing. Also, I was so lame in my response to her and also my initial message to her contained a typo. How embarrassing! Anyway, check out the pic below of her response. She thinks I’m brilliant. Eek!

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.32.54 AM


One thought on “Books Chapter 1: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  1. I love this. I’m not usually a romance novel type of gal, but I’ll totally give her books a shot. Plus, I totally think having two male cats is super close to having children. Kind of. Ok it’s a stretch but it works. Great post!! Very entertaining!


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