About Bex

Bex is just a girl going through life and all its ups and downs.

She, like everyone else, experiences tough times, good times, frustrating times, fun times, etc. She shares her point of view on these matters in the hopes that someone else out there maybe feels the same way.

You’re not alone.

Change, growth, evolving, and learning all play a part in being human and navigating the world we live in and Bex is all about that. She encourages others, and herself, to be honest with themselves about the bullsh*t so we can be the best version of ourselves as possible.

She’s not a therapist, psychologist, self-help guru, or anything of the sort. She’s a twenty-something woman who has been through some sh*t and writes about it.

So, get excited because you’re in for a lot of long, rambling posts about motivation, reality checks, Harry Potter, Crash Bandicoot and more.

Be kind. Be honest. Be loving. BE(Xcited).



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